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The Orchestra Pit

As the year two thousand and nine draw to a close we have news of two exciting Orchestra Pit live musical events to inform you of.

Firstly we have the latest in the long line of Scaledown Live Performance Events which is to occur this Friday, 27th November, at the King & Queen in London's effulgent Fitzrovia. Performing, for your entertainment, will be (in no particular order): Timothy C Holehouse, Paul Jonathan Riley, Lost Robots, Richard Sanderson/Paul May, Belle Atmos and Dan Whaley with His Ukulele. Full details can be found on our website.

Secondly we have an Orchestra Pit Live Musical Concert at the Arts Theatre Club on Wednesday the 2nd December. This will feature Singing Loins, Ron Jetson and Nitwood alongside special guest DJ Terry Edwards. Full details can be seen found here and advance tickets can be purchased here.

The Orchestra Pit is humbled by your continueing support.