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The Orchestra Pit

We just wanted to take a moment to remind you that the last Orchestra Pit Live Musical Concert of the year is to occur tomorrow at the Arts Theatre Club in London's Soho, featuring:

Singing Loins

Authentic raw folk from the Medway Delta...
In support of their new album 'Unravelling England' on Damaged Goods.

Ron Jetson

Sharp, witty and angular pop based outfit featuring members of Hooverville and Nought.


Instrumental combo featuring ex Higson Simon Charterton
Nitwood combines a heady mix of free improvisation and hypnotic ‘kraut groove exotica’.

plus special guest DJ Terry Edwards

Full details can be found here and advance tickets can be purchased here.

Our friends over at the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment have also asked us to let you know of their latest Night Shift event. This is to occur at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on the 5th December from 10pm, full details here.

The Orchestra Pit is quietly pleased by your continueing support.