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The Orchestra Pit

This month's Scaledown, in direct contrast to last months sardine packed extravaganza, has only 5 acts. This slimmed down but nevertheless succulent event will occur on Friday 28th May at the usual locale of the King & Queen from 7pm. Performing for your edification will be (in no particular order):

Adam Brett - Having played with samplers & computers from the 1990s onwards playing with a variety of musicians in an improv content Adam is back with a solo gig after a long absence. Looping, sampling & electric guitar will be by turns groovy & loopy with a bit of dischord thrown in for good measure.

The Reactor Core Is Splendid - Otherwise known as Simon Williams who brings his experimental guitar looping craft back to scaledown. We've been informed that tonight features vampires, chavs and General James Wolfe in a demented rampage from Camden to Chatham to Canada, a jump cut collage of ripping yarns and gossip mags that'll probably leave you none the wiser

Harry 'Pete' Peters - From inside of the outside, Harry Pete Peters, returns to Scaledown determined to fail again. Fail better. Mr Peters, ladies and gents-poet and legend...and bloody good!

Rory Tregaskis - Like opium, Rory Tregaskis is addictive. His (Syd) Barrett meats (Robert) Johnson stance on his unique songs conjures up the deep Thames delta vibe.

Afterwardsness - Simon Charterton played drums in a funk band (The Higsons) in the 80s and sang and played guitar in a country band in the 90s. Now he combines the two.

7pm to 11pm
The King and Queen,
1 Foley Street,
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