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The Orchestra Pit Club Quarterly - New Release and New Venue

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The Orchestra Pit Club is back this Wednesday, 16th June at a new venue "Peter Parker's" to begin a series of regular clubs every 3 months, imaginatively titled "Club Quarterly". The first event cleverly coincides with a celebration of the July release of the latest Orchestra Pit Recording Label CD offering: "Reduced" by Mike Adcock and Sylvia Hallett. The evening will feature the following musical acts:

Sylvia Hallett and Mike Adcock

Renowned free improvisers Sylvia Hallett and Mike Adcock weave organic and multi faceted sounds using traditional and exotic instrumentation. Tonight they celebrate the release of their sublime album "Reduced" which is due to be released by the Orchestra Pit Recording Company in July (however pre-release CDs will be available to buy on the night).

64 Bit

The first live performance by this scintillating new trio of London based improvisers and old friends comprising Kev Hopper - bass guitar and loops, Richard Sanderson - melodeon through electronics and Ian R Watson - trumpet; twisting new shapes from old formats, and new textures from old instruments - surprisingly groovy.


Featuring Chris Gowers (bowed electric guitar), Mark Beazley - (bass guitar) and Phil Julian (percussion, electronics and computers), Signals experiment with drones and electronics providing a fine sound and atmosphere!


Instrumental combo featuring ex Higson Simon Charterton, Nitwood combine a heady mix of free improvisation and hypnotic "kraut groove exotica". Also featuring the club host Mr Mark Braby on guitar and effects.

This all occurs on Wednesday the 16th June from 7.30pm until 11pm at:

Peter Parker’s
4 Denmark Street

Tickets will cost £6 on the door or £4 in advance (via our shop).

The Orchestra Pit gurgles contentedly like a wee babby at your continued healthy enthusiasm.