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Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Orchestra Pit Recording Company is chuffed to present to you their latest offering which is entitled 'Reduced' by Mike Adcock and Sylvia Hallett. Two renowned artists on the free improvisational circuit, Mike and Sylvia have collaborated to provide you with an album of improvisational beauty; complex and simplistic at the same time. The music ranges from the exploration of sound textures drawn from a variety of non-musical objects (bicycle wheel, marble chute), to tonal pieces utilizing more conventional instruments such as violin, piano accordion and guitar.

'This is a record that requires persistent attention, ready to repay our absorption with lots of uniquely charming sounds and curious improvisational concepts. A cloaked gem' – Massimo Ricci 'Touching Extremes'

‘Reduced’ by Mike Adcock and Sylvia Hallett is available from our shop and all good cd stores as from Monday, 5th July.

Some information about the artists:

Sylvia Hallett is known as both an improviser and composer, working as a musician in her own right with three solo CDs to her credit, and also in various collaborations in dance and theatre. As well as working with the RSC, Young Vic, Jah Wobble, David Toop, Kazuko Hohki and Anna Homler (under the moniker Bread and Shed), Sylvia has also composed music for a number of radio plays.

Mike Adcock studied composition with Gavin Bryars but also has a strong commitment to improvisation, with CD releases reflecting both approaches. Over the years Mike has developed a particular interest in Norwegian music and has toured with a number of musicians from Norway including Nils Økland and Karl Seglem. Mike has also collaborated with top free improviser Clive Bell.

The Orchestra Pit shivers with the purest joy at your continued support and enthusiasm.