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The Orchestra Pit

Mr Ron Jetson would like to invite you out for the evening. He’s a sly old dog, especially when he’s got his teeth in, but rest assured he’ll have enough handlers around to ensure he’s on best behavior... on a good night with his musical chums he can provide the aural equivalent of having one’s leg humped... but no one’s guaranteeing a good night let us assure you.

The reason for the gathering of this muttley crew? Why, it’s to celebrate the release of Ron’s debut album for The Orchestra Pit Recording Co. entitled ‘The Return Of The Sleeping Policemen’ – a most inventive album, at times jazzy of lean, at heart a pop symphony, at home with the left field, at ease with the mainstream of pop consciousness we often shun, but deep down cherish. for more on Ron click on

Support will be ably provided by former Scaledown guests Bob Constant & the Goodbye Horses – fine purveyors of a bruised and batty form of soul music which lurks beneath the 'motor town condensed into a garage' sound of this charmingly askew 3 piece; and also Black Lamb Grey Falcon and Eliot Mason, whom I’m afraid we know nothing about, but we’re sure they’re very good and shouldn’t be missed. dancing tunes will be provided by DJ Tommy ‘Two Screens’ Takeover (Takeover DJs) and visual sustenance courtesy of Max Klein.

This will all be taking place at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, 42-44 Pollard Row, London, E2 6NB on the date of Wednesday 20th October commencing at 7.30pm and it’s bloody FREE!

The Orchestra Pit wags its tail excitedly at your intended attendance...