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As the winter nights start to draw in and the spectre of small children seeking rewards for ringing your doorbell looms large on the crepuscular horizon Scaledown once more jumps out with a sheet on it's head to shout Boo ineffectually. Now that we have your attention let us inform you of the musical delights we have laying in wait to brighten up your friday night:

The Hamilton Yarns - Having tried (and failed) to suitably describe the myriad wonder that is Hamilton Yarns I fear I must fall back on the words of another: "There's a fishing port somewhere missing a cabaret act that melds together the broken mind of the Smile-era Brian Wilson with the broken hearted homilies of Ivor Cutler. That missing act is Hamilton Yarns" - Nick Southgate, The Wire.

Brainer - I'll take your Wire quote sir, and offer up another one: "Extensively derivative, often anachronistic and sometimes puerile". Sounds like they are at least 1/3rd a Scaledown act to me then. unpredictive, repetitive, addictive.

Former Utopia - Genre defying intelligent edgy song smith producing the kind of mortally sad, black humoured alt. folk reminiscent of Lambchop, Mountain Goats and on occasion Shellac on a camping holiday with Smog.

ruM - Free improvisational super duo featuring the talents of Paul Taylor on trombone and Mike Walter on saxophone.

The 3 Skins - Live improvisation featuring Hugh Metcalfe (Fuck Off Batman) on guitar and poetry, Paul Shearsmith (Echo City) on pocket trumpet and trombone, and Matt Scott on keyboards.

This will all commence on Friday 29th October from 7.30pm at the King & Queen in leafy Fitzrovia, full details here.

In other news The Orchestra Pit Recording Company is on the brink of releasing two albums by previous Scaledown and Orchestra Pit performers Dear Thief and Ron Jetson. Both of these aural delights will hit the streets on Monday November 8th but you can pop along to our shop right now and pre-order your copies, and if you require further details about these exciting releases visit this page here.

The Orchestra Pit's nipples explode with delight.