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The Orchestra Pit Recording Company is pleased to announce the release of not one but two new albums on Monday 8th November. Orchestra Pit and Scaledown favourites Dear Thief unleash their insomniac's lullaby "Under Archway" - a collection of songs that tell personal tales of living in Archway, homelessness and civil war. Our other release is "The Return of the Sleeping Policemen" by Mr Ron Jetson a collection featuring scrupulous attention to melody, form and logic all being subverted by emptiness, noise and chaos. Full details of both these releases can be found on our web site here and pre-release orders can be made now via our shop.

Both acts are also throwing album launch parties on the same evening, as if they wish to test our loyalties. Mr Ron Jetson will be performing at Cafe 1001 in Brick Lane E1 6QL and Dear Thief will be treading the boards round the corner at Indo (133 Whitechapel Road).

While we're telling you about interesting live gigs, Susie Hug (of sister label Vacillando '68) will be supporting Chris Brokaw and Geoff Farina at the launch party for their new album "The Boarder's Door", along with previous Scaledown acts Former Utopia and Your New Friend. This will all happen at The Luminaire on Saturday November 27th.

Please also be aware that in a break from protocol Scaledown will not be occurring on the last Friday of November, as is the norm. Due to scheduling necessity it will instead be occurring on Friday 19th (i.e. just two weeks hence). This will be our last Scaledown of the year and thus boasts a suitably impressive line-up of acts to safely lull you into the yuletide season with musical joy, full details on the Scaledown page of our website.

The Orchestra Pit purrs like a cat in response to your continued support.