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The Orchestra Pit

The final Scaledown of the year will be occurring not on the last Friday of the month (as is usual) but the Friday before that which, in this instance, happens to be tomorrow - the 19th November 2010. To celebrate the end of another excellent year at Scaledown we have teamed up once more with Mr Terry Edwards to present a joint evening of musical joy which draws upon the artists under the banner of Mr Edwards' Sartorial Records label. I think you'll agree that this results in a most excellent line-up, which is as follows:

Terry Edwards - Showcasing his forthcoming album Clichés - a homage to the late, great Alex Chilton. Everything from the golden age of Hollywood to the Mary Chain.

Marc Hayward - Whilst usually seen fronting The Dash Mr Hayward will, on this occasion, be treating us to an acoustic set featuring the saxophone talents of a certain Mr T Edwards.

Micko Westmoreland - Finely dressed troubadour plays songs from Wax & Wayne and showcases new material.

Martin White - Scaledown stalwart, Mystery Fax Machine Orchestrator, Lord Of The Whitgift Centre, he's a treasure, it's our pleasure, may he be yours too.

The Earls of Monte Cristo - Erstwhile Scaledown co-curator returns with yet another oddly-monikered combo, scaling down the instrumentation to just a couple of 3-stringed homemade cigar box guitars.

Sylvia Hallett and Mike Adcock - Renowned free improvisers Sylvia Hallett and Mike Adcock weave organic and multi faceted sounds using traditional and exotic instrumentation. They continue to celebrate the release of their sublime album 'Reduced' (on the Orchestra Pit Recording Company label).

As is usual this will occur at the King & Queen in London's dazzling Fitzrovia from 7.30pm and entrance is completely free. Full details can be found here.

The Orchestra Pit trills like a budgerigar in anticipation of your continuing support.