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It is that time of month once more, that time of month where we gather in a small room and rejoce at the musical confections placed in front of us, a veritable smorgasboard of earthly delights. This joyous event occurs this coming Friday (27th) at the King & Queen in fateful Fitzrovia from seven thirty of the clock. Those who are to perform are listed thusly:

Now - Neo pop ensemble Now scale down to an electric four piece who promise to delight and enthrall.

Piper's Son - Thom Driver last performed at Scaledown back in March 2010 as a dubiously mustachioed member of Arthur Brick, but returns this month with bare-lipped charm in the guise of Piper's Son to lead us all a merry dance.

Harry Pete Peters - Mr Peters, troubadour of bitter ballads citing Harry Partch, Howlin; Wolf, and Sid James as influences, returns to the arms of scaledown, and we at scaledown shall give the man a hug.

The Windsors - From the ashes of the legendary Kenny Process Team, The Windsors perform the songs of KPT main man Kevin Plummer. Expect the 'precision of surf rock group The Ventures and the almost classical compositions (of) Captain Beefheart'.

Liam n' Jess - Liam (Mephisto Grande) n' Jess (Mr Ron Jetson) sing a bunch of gospel songs, dark folk ballads and original material on acoustic guitar & fiddle. they haven't thought of a name yet, but are not ruling out having one at some unspecified point in the future.

Martin Hackett - Mr Hackett will bring with him tonight his trusty Korg MS10 and synthesiser and perform a 15 minute piece. A veteran of the free improvisation circuit and member of long running combo Certain Ants, scaledown welcomes Martin Hackett!

Entrance, as ever, is completely free, full details (including a handy map) to be found here.

The Orchestra Pit Recording Company would also like to draw your attention to the very recent release from Scaledown stalwarts The Singing Loins. It is a tastfully packaged double 7" vinyl single featuring "House In The Woods" b/w "Ain't The World A Lovely Place" not to mention a bonus disc featuring additional live and demo material. It's now available to buy via our web shop and if you need a reminder of how good they are you check out this video.

The Orchestra Pit standingly ovates your continuing support.