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The Orchestra Pit

Ladies and Gents.

It is with a big sloppy happy heart that The Orchestra Pit announces the return of Scaledown at The King and Queen, 1, Foley Street, Fitzrovia, London W1 this Friday 30th September.

Those who will perform for you (in no particular order):

Fat Klez - Fresh from a summer of festival appearances performing as house band for Mark Thomas and his Extreme Rambling show, Fat Klez swap swampy mud for the sticky carpet of the K&Q, as Scaledown welcomes back one of its favourite sons, the delightful Mr Martin White.

Katharine Blake - The head of The Mediaeval Baebes pays a return visit to our humble space to mesmerise us with her beautifully haunting vocal magic.

Alan Lacroix - making a welcome return to scaledown, Mr Lacroix will impress you with his nimble fingers of guitar mastery.

Kay Grant and Hannah Marshall - Free improvised Voice and Cello duo who really do make it up as they go along but keep it real with a reckless will to mix and match genres, styles and sounds to make the music flow.

Sir Montague Bassoon - Sir Monty returns with method to the madness and reason behind the sickness. Enjoy.

The Orchestra Pit says 'gercha!' to nastiness as it basks in the light of your continued support.