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The Orchestra Pit

May the farce be with you, the farce of nature that redefines the concept of entertainment, the farce that is Scaledown, the live musical event which opens its shutters to musical clutter and matter not whether it be conventional or un so, but rather enjoy the moments, the meanderings, the interaction.. Come be a part of it.

Friday 25th May commencing 7pm at:

The King and Queen,
1 Foley Street,

Those who will perform (in no particular order):

Cagoul - Free improv luminairies Anna Homler, Richard Sanderson,and Steve Beresford get together to concoct a heady blend of exotic vocalisation and quixotic instrumentation,

Pete Evans Mr Evans has, in the passed, been know as Harry 'Pete' Peters, performing acoustic songs with wit and aplomb. But Harry is dead doncha know. Long live Pete Evans!

Same Actor -Sitar sounds a plenty and barefooted, Chris Cook (AKA Same Actor) last twanged a drone in September 2010. Hear him strum, thrum, buzz and fizz again, only this time he is joined by Wil Miles who will be triggering sounds from the A12!

Jude Cowan - what's goin' on?....we hear you ask. well we don't know, but thankfully Jude does (Bob Dylan once played at The King & Queen incidentally).

Daniel Lehan - so indelibly did he ink himself into our consciousness at last month's Scaledown that we invited him back to dazzle us with his visual poetry.

Taylor/Cundy Duo - a duo, that means there's two of 'em, and they would be Benedict Taylor and Chris Cundy playing short little pieces completely improvised on viola and bass clarinet respectively.

Dead Sea Midnight Runners - and then there were four - Martin White, Nathan Hamer, Ben Handysides and Amy Butterworth, all card carrying members of The Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra, but scaled down obviously to show that Klez is more.

Krillit - Krillit is a coming together of Alison Blunt (UK) and Juun (AT), hailing from diverse backgrounds and creating a musical interchange drawing on the freedom offered by improvisation via violin, 'pianoguts', zither and hammered dulcimer. The listener is invited to float in a microcosmos, the energy of which oscillates between fragile and finely chiselled sounds.

The Orchestra Pit blows a fanciful plume of smoke at your continued excellent loyalty.

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