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Hello, we here at The Orchestra Pit as well as putting on the monthly Scaledown live event also have a record company (or two). Recently we have been delighted to put out the following two releases via our separate imprints - Anna Homler & Sylvia Hallett's 'Bread And Shed' on The Orchestra Pit Recording Co. and Naim Amor's 'Dansons' on Vacilando '68 Recordings.

Sylvia Hallett and Anna Homler - 'The Many Moods Of Bread And Shed' (CD Album) - OP14

In the duo of Homler and Hallett (aka Bread and Shed) free improvisation meets entrancing vocal melody in a layered sea of shape-shifting loops, drones and noise.

The Many Moods of Bread and Shed evokes lunar landscapes and mysterious laments. Lyrical instrumentals conjure meetings with the inhabitants of extraterrestrial marshes. Simple folk-like melodies of a long-forgotten time: a universe of mystery, depth, beauty and humour. This long-awaited CD documents their recorded work from 2002 to 2010. Studio recordings sit alongside tracks created long distance, files winging back and forth between Los Angeles and London.

Here's a clip from Anna's recent trip to come play with Sylvia:

Naim Amor - "Dansons" (12" cream coloured vinyl LP + free download) - V68-5

When Howe Gelb describes you as one of his favourite guitarists, you know you must be doing something right, and when both Calexico + Devotchka call upon your services also, that pretty much confirms it. Naïm Amor creates music for pleasure - his own + that of others that have a keen ear for outstanding musicianship that retains an experimental edge. Sometimes this comes out relatively low-key via his series of 'Soundtracks' albums, but every so often a batch of songs will formulate into a more traditional album format, as was the case with his previous album, the Calexico-backed 'Sanguine', whilst this latest release 'Dansons' sees guests such as Howe Gelb + Thoger Lund (Giant Sand) joined by Calexico drummer John Convertino, and fellow Tucson dweller Emilie Marchand lending co-vocals for an album of Brazilian inspired French-Americana, where Django Reinhardt styled slinky guitar rhythms flirt with the bossa nova sound of Antonio Carlos Jobim, and poetic ruminations on life in both English and French, delivered with a crispness of touch developed during Naïm's decade plus sojourn in the Sonoran south-west.

Check out the opening track as played by Gideon Coe on BBC6 Music:

Both items are available to purchase directly from The Orchestra Pit Shop: or alternatively from our table of ware. Where? At the next Scaledown event. When? Friday the 29th of June.

There are many other releases still available from our shop, if you care to come browse, including releases by: Pocket, Naim Amor, Country Dad, Terry Edwards & the Scapegoats, Blurt, Lost Robots, Sylvia Hallett & Mike Adcock, Howe Gelb, Mr Ron Jetson, Dear Thief, Marianne Dissard, Susie Hug and The Singing Loins plus a new album in the works from Joey Herzfeld.

The Orchestra Pit blesses you and retrieves a trusty hanky from its back pocket to wipe the small tear from its eye that has developed at the thought of your loving support.