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The Orchestra Pit

The Orchestra Pit is proud to announce the latest scaledown event which will fall on Friday 29th June with a view to a 7.30pm commencement. Tonight we'll be giving you a Super 8 stella line up!

Those who will perform (in no particular order):

Gagarin - Gagarin is the solo project of Graham 'Dids' Dowdall who has been active in the outer reaches of the musical universe for many years working with , amongst others Nico, John Cale and Pere Ubu. As Gagarin he makes instrumental electronica - at times urban and beaty, at others atmospheric and melodic - always with a very personal experimental twist.

Skopje - Dark ethereal folk....tales for the depraved and departed....prepare to be entertained......sadistically.

Now - NOW will perform a 15 minute instrumental Motorik. A Motorik is a genre based around the repetitive drumbeat originated by Moe Tucker (The Velvet Underground), Jaki Lieberzeit (Can) & Klaus Dinger (Neu!/La Dusseldorf), who called it "The Apache Beat". The rhythm is usually accompanied by simple melody motifs & minimal, or no, chord changes.

Jude Cowan - what news?? well, if anything interesting's been happening Jude shall be sure to know, and sure to tell... so be sure to listen!!

Horse Trio - The Horse Trio plays a uniquely textured brand of improvised music- moving air through tubes, reeds and bellows. Hutch Demouilpied - Trumpet, Sue Lynch - Saxophone and Flute, and Richard Sanderson - Melodeon. For this Scaledown performance The Horse Trio will play acoustically.

The Doomed Bird Of Providence - The Doomed Bird of Providence are a dark folk group currently residing in London and Colchester. Led by Australian singer/accordionist Mark Kluzek, the band explore darker aspects of Australia's colonial history.

Squeezebox Jukebox - Squeezebox Jukebox is a 'dysfunctional and evolving concerto for accordion and updated barrel organ'. Enjoy maestro Matt Smith as he wheezes and squeezes.

Trombone Poetry - Mr Paul Taylor blows and spouts beautifully and eloquently. Savour fifteen minutes of verse and brass.


The King and Queen,
1 Foley Street,
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The Orchestra Pit stands up to salute you but gets giddy under the weight of your continued loyal support.