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The Orchestra Pit

Okay kids, the summer's over, and it's back to school! The Scaledown boys and Jude Cowan are all sporting brand new uniforms and their collective shiny satchel includes a pencil case full of sharpened tunes which will be performed by a motley bunch of fruit toppers, as follows...

Joey Herzfeld - post-apoplectic musical doings from Joey, at long last promoting his Orchestra Pit Recordings album release 'Other People's Pain'. there will be a special Q&A with Joey after his performance where you will have the opportunity to harangue him at the bar and buy him a drink.

Stuart Turner - dredged up once more from the Medway Delta, is about time we welcomed back the blues-infused vocal scorch of Mr Turner, stripping things back especially for our lovely Scaledown audience.

Roshi feat. Pars Radio - is always a pleasure to welcome back Roshi + Mr Dids, who have already enjoyed such an incredible musical year both collectively and individually that is difficult to know where to start, but maybe the forthcoming single
"Don't Breathe It To A Soul but Amarilly Is Getting Gay With A Dude" says enough?

Jude Cowan - what news? Jude, do tell...

TCH - TCH is Timothy C Holehouse is Tim Holehouse. The same but different. Tim is a folk/blues troubadour but his alter ego, Timothy C, AKA TCH, will be along tonight to aim some ambient drones at ya.

Bows & Bellows - Bow and Bellows play accordion, violin, baritone horn, sopranino recorder and foot percussion and they sing. A stunningly versatile duo, they play and sing their own compelling arrangements of Balkan and Klezmer music with occasional sorties to savour the musical traditions of other countries.

Strawberry & Cream - Two double bass players scaling down to ukelele and bass ukelele! And all because the scaledown boys asked them to scaledown.


And where is this you say?... And when you ask?... Wwell, it be upstairs @ The King & Queen public house, 1 Foley Street @ 7.15pm this coming Friday (the 28th).

What's that? How much to get in? NUFFINK! But we will be passing the hat around for you to show your financial appreciation for the artist.

The Orchestra Pit blesses, and hope your cold clears up by Friday...