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The Orchestra Pit

As the days start to get a little bit longer, the month's get shorter, and so it is that the Scaledown hosts and their over-eager guests shall be articulating prematurely this coming Friday the 22nd of February. So what have we got for you? I'll tell ya...

Tom Paley - described by The Guardian as one of the great survivors of the American folk and country scene, Tom played with Woody Guthrie, before going on to found the The New Lost City Ramblers. Tom's latest album 'Roll On, Roll On' came out on Hornbeam Recordings last year, showcasing his multi-instrumental work on guitar, banjo, fiddle and autoharp coupled with his fine and easy-going voice. Scaledown is truly honoured...

David Velez - David Velez is a sound artist and phonographer based in Bogota, Colombia. His work ranges from documentary field recordings, to installations and musique concrete pieces. He is paying a short visit to the UK to present a lecture at the British Museum - this Scaledown performance will be the only chance to catch him playing live in London, and it should be pretty special.

Piper's Son - front man Mr Thom Driver has designated Scaledown as his next musical pit stop, and very happy we are too, to be of service.... drawing on a huge range of elements from the mental jukebox of a compulsive music listener – the vocal playfulness of Robert Wyatt, the compelling simplicity of Bill Callahan, the elastic space of dub, or the deep listening experience of field recordings....sounds right up Scaledown's boulevard.

Mark Waldron - Absolutely one of my very top fave poets (says Jude) is Mark Waldron who is not so much misunderstood as misunderstanding. If we ask him nicely maybe he'll do a couple of his Dougal poems (yes! adventures on the Magic Roundabout!).

Cathy Flower - Australian Performance poet Cathy Flower has, since arriving in UK, played extensively in London, on radio and on stage including the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, winning collaboratively the Best Spoken Word Award. Give her a scaledown welcome of warmth!

IDFY -'We just learned to play and this is our first gig. It's guitar, bass, and drum loops. Not too much going on - there are rules, you know! Mono is the new stereo…loud is the new quiet…big is the new small…stupid is the new clever...'. thus spake IDFY!

The Reactor Core Is Splendid - Otherwise known as Simon Williams who brings his experimental guitar looping craft back to scaledown.

Plus, of course, our regular news feed courtesy of Jude Cowan Montague.

Be sure to arrive prompt at 7 of the clock for a 7.30pm start.

Where and when? Why, upstairs at the dear ol' King and Queen Pub, 1 Foley Street, London W1W 6DL on Friday the 22nd of February 2013.

Free entry, but a wealth of fun.

Please defer to for further detail.

The Orchestra + Scaledown blows you a kiss, and blushes a saucy shade of crimson at your comely response.