The Orchestra Pit The Orchestra Pit


The Orchestra Pit
Scaledown #89
(Friday the 31st May)

The merry month of May closes with a Scaledown show of splendour. We at the Scaledown workshop have assembled, once again, a fine confection of talented artists to tickle your music buds. They are as follow and in no particular order:

KATH TAIT - Life, it's a funny thing. Elegantly crafted material from a master of singer-songwriting. Songs of New Zealand, London, and looking after old ladies for a living.

SEBASTIAN HANDLEY - He bewitched me with 'Witchcraft' so I was compelled to ask him to bring his Eastern (East London) philosophy of happiness to Scaledown, together with his uke and ghetto-blaster. He agreed. What a charming man!

BENEDICT TAYLOR - Fresh from the Mopomoso express, we are delighted to welcome back Mr Taylor to our humble musical abode to transfix us with his virtuoso viola vignettes.

CRAYOLA LECTERN - Brighton based musician, composer and lovable weirdo freak showcases his brand new LP ‘The Fall And Rise Of..’ a stirringly beautiful collection of auditory delights focusing on the plight and flights of the 'Everyman'.

MONKDOS - Monkdos combine the talents of master saxophonists Adrian Northover and Ricardo Tejero. Together, their unique improvisations explore the aspects of the music of Thelonious Monk.

Full details (including a handy map) can be found here.

The Orchestra Pit dances merrily around the maypole to honour your continued interest in this growing concern.