The Orchestra Pit The Orchestra Pit


The Orchestra Pit
Scaledown #93
(Friday the 18th October)

Ladies and Gentle t'ings, would you kindly be seated for the 93rd Scaledown... Rather than look like we know what we're doing up here, we are simply going to relay to you the entertainment we have on offer:

Thom Driver - Thom shall be previewing tracks from the debut album by his band Piper's Son - 'The Roar From Behind' [released Nov. 11th on our very own Vacilando '68 Recordings]; enigmatic, with an artist's eye for detail, his songwriting structures are both intricate and eclectic, painting expressionistically musical canvases, with melodies that hang in the air before firmly lodgin' in yer noggin.

Trefor Goronwy - a former member of both This Heat and Camberwell Now, Trefor's solo work is structured around the use of central Asian spike-fiddles, which will feature in this much-anticipated Scaledown debut in the form of the igil (Tuva), the kobyz (Kazakhstan) and the morin huur (Mongolia), alongside guitar, samples and Trefor's own voice, possibly aided by throat lozenges, not from Asia, but from Boots.

Gianluca Galetti - Mr Galettti brings his wistful romantic psychedelia to scaledown. Expect varied tunings and emotionally charged numbers from the bass player of legendary art rock band Glassglue

Olly Morrison AKA Blackhackr - Olly Morrison's music 'melds all the best aspects of electronica, rock n roll, psychedelia and beyond with anthemic hooks that shine like a beacon through the distortion'. so say Smuggler Records. You know what-I quite agree and so will you. Embrace.

The Custodians - Combining the talents of Adrian Northover and Adam Bohman on saxophone and vocals, and objects, instruments and voice respectively, The Custodians will create a sonic feast before your very ears!

Sybil Madrigal and Alex Ward - Alex Ward clarinet virtuoso with the highly entertaining and can be a little bit shocking Sibyl Madrigal. A very dynamic duo of experimental immediacy. Scaledowners promise to be very grown-up.

Jude Cowan Montague - Our very own Jude will take the scaledown stage, this time not to regale you with her usual news bites via Reuters, but to tantalise you with a set of charming songs based on her chums!.

Please do feel free to spread the word to yer chums.

As ever, it is FREE! Come to:

The King and Queen,
1 Foley Street,
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The Orchestra Pit wets its lips and asks you to come whet your whistle with us at what promises to be a lovely, warm and enchanting evening at Scaledown Towers...