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The Orchestra Pit


Scaledown #94

(Friday 6th December)

What is this I see before my very mince pies? Cor blimey, it's a Christmas Jamboree Scaledown style! We've got all the usual oddballs and freaks, complemented by some musical guests whom they will be hosting. It promises to be a right ol' bleedin' Fitzrovian knees up...

The Very Reverend Jack McDeath & Sister Clarabella of The Immaculate Sisters of St Rory of Cork - Brothers and sisters! Have you seen the light? I said, have you seen the light? Prepare to have your souls cleansed and your demons banished, as Sister Clarabella and Rev. Jack take you for a ride on this train, down to the riverside, where you can wade in the water and cast a dragnet for Jesus. Can I get a Hallelujah? Hallelujah!

Iris Ederer - It's always a pleasure for the Scaledown kids to receive Ms Ederer who, as always, will never fail to impress us with her wonderful vocal range and versatile approach to song and sound.

Pete Evans - A master of the song, Mr Evans is very much an appreciated soul whose return to Scaledown is warmly welcomed. Hate him?? He knows you do!

Sue Lynch & Ruth Marshall - Playing Sax and Violin respectively, expect intricacy and musical empathy as Ms Lynch and Ms Marshall interweave musical and improvisational magic upon you lucky urchins.

Roshi feat. Pars Radio - after another phenomenal year which saw the release of their delightful '3 Almonds And A Walnut' album, what other way to celebrate its close than by cracking your nuts and toasting your soul with Roshi and the G man.

Cos Chapman - will there be a festive twist? or maybe even a seasonal tug to delight the crowd? is that Santa coming up the Scaledown stairs with his black and decker...... who knows??

Miss Roberts - ever wondered what Derek does for Christmas? maybe we'll find out in a solo outing from Miss Roberts as she takes us into the darker recesses of this obscure and wonderful World.

Bad Moth - completing the Rude Mechanicals trilogy, Mr Stanley Bad shall be joined by Matt Scott (him of Squeezebox Jukebox fame) for a no doubt thrilling exploration in sound and lyrical whimsy. join the queue, we're on a bus to nowhere...

+ the Scaledown Christmas Panto....... oh yes!

Please do feel free to spread the word to yer chums.

As ever, it is FREE! Come to:

The King and Queen,

1 Foley Street,



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The Orchestra Pit lifts it's sack and hoists it over it's shoulder and smiles in acknowledgment of the wonderful musical gifts it has to bestow upon you, the well behaved little children of Scaledown.

(p.s. don't forget to leave some sherry, or a nice bottle of Merlot, out for us.... i mean for Santa)