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The Orchestra Pit
Scaledown #95
(Friday 31st January)

As we break the seal on another Scaledown year, ladies and gentle t'ings, we ask you to raise your glasses and adjust your mindsets for a positively bumper selection of marvellous sounds...

Squeezebox Jukebox feat. Ali Warner - When suggested one fine Boat-Ting evening late last year to Ali Warner that she may want to team up with "a dysfunctional, evolving, improvised concerto for accordion and the ghost of a broken barrel organ", she rather insanely responded in the affirmative…. and so it shall come to pass (in roughly 15 minutes).

Adam Brett - Having played with samplers & computers from the 1990s onwards playing with a variety of musicians in an improv content Adam is back with a solo gig after a long absence. Looping, sampling & electric guitar will be by turns groovy & loopy with a bit of dischord thrown in for good measure.

Bettina Schroeder - Bettina manipulates sound on the electric Ukulele, pushing boundaries and definitions of conventional music. Her approach incorporates unique and unorthodox ingredients to create music without rules, beyond logic. She is also a member of Jerico Orchestra, an idiosyncratic group exploring the relationship between improvised music and visual art.

Steve Skull - Let's make ourselves rattle like the party end of a grumpy snake. Let's call the vibrations that shall light up our insides as if rapture be gripped us. what it is that sees us all? vibration. you can do whatever you like, eat, sleep, dance, shit, fuck, it all vibrates, all over this lovely jewel what we are on. so we are told. more vibrations, von neuman sez it's turtles all the way. make vibrations that make us rattle like the party end of a grumpy snake. and i'm the grumpy snake.

now - After the crazy rock n' roll antics of their previous Scaledown outing, the boys and girls of now were sent to a gulag in Siberia to cool off for a bit, but recently released and 'reformed' they return in a more reflective mode…… now are NOW Angela Last, George Chrysostomou & Justin Paton, and have promised to behave themselves.

Kamura Obscura - Experimental and moving vocals and electronics from the beautiful voice and excellent musicianship of Atsuko Kamura, doing a solo spot for Scaledown.

Underhound - Two piece band playing kicking original indie folk with hints of jazz and blues. Drawing on a chequered background of influences from Killing Joke through Tom Waits to Nick Drake. These are original songs, usually rhythmic, sometimes strange, sometimes dark, occasionally beautiful.

Hand Of Stabs - Those bearded wonders descend from their drone thrones to entice you with their mesmerising, dark yet witty sounds. This, I believe, is their third scaledown appearance so three cheers for the three hands of stabs. pip pip!

Please do feel free to spread the word to yer chums.

As ever, it is FREE! Come to:

The King and Queen,
1 Foley Street,
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The Orchestra Pit is aglow with the tender warmth of your patronage and hopeful participation in this our centenary year...

Celebrate good times... c'mon... x