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scaledown 102

The Orchestra Pit
Scaledown #102
(Friday 26th September)

A golden autumn is around us, draping it's smoky veiled mist upon the people of England-wisps waft like the smoke from Oscar Wilde's perfumed fag. Now then, bring your mellow and fruitful selves along to SCALEDOWN #102 and enjoy another scaledown session, as warm and fruity as a toasted bun. Acts are as follows:

ADAM BOHMAN - leaving his toys at home on this occasion, Mr Bohman shall be performing a couple of text pieces. listen, listen good, for your obedience shall be rewarded. word up!

AMY CORCORAN - Singer and guitarist from Lancashire, writes songs inspired by a combination of '60s chart music and stories about modern life. Will be singing songs from her debut EP "Girl in Stripy Pants". Sounds of Rivington on the outskirts of Bolton, where Jude is from as well.

THE JAMES WORSE PUBLIC ADDRESS METHOD - Big on beard and verse, Mr Worse uses the nonsensical to convey his message. Words that are good enough to eat.

BOB CONSTANT - horses, horses, horses, horses" says Patti Smith; "goodbye, goodbye" say Dudley Moore & Peter Cook; "hello... hello... hello... hello... hello... hello..." says Johnny Lydon; "just me and some noises" says Bob Constant. good enough for me.

PELLETHEAD - 'We try to combine self-taught instrument (non)skills, northern humour, and an everybody-in-the-band-has- different-influences effect to produce a noisy, but hopefully tuneful and interesting experience'. So say Pellethead!

MARK BROWNE - One third of the incredible Crush!!! Mark Browne is giving his first solo sax spectacular for 10 years. Where did the time go? A stalwart of the Linear Obsessional label, Mark will be bringing you into the zone of the amazing Confront Genial Decay release. And don't forget '52 clouds'. In fact, the sky's the limit.

PAUL SAKOILSKY - Artist & Writer Paul Sakoilsky will give a reading of new poems and of an ultra short story.

As ever, it is FREE! Come to:

The King and Queen,
1 Foley Street,
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THE ORCHESTRA PIT bakes crumpets of joy at your continued autumnal interest