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scaledown #107

The Orchestra Pit
Scaledown #107
(Friday 27th March 2015)

The March hare has the March wind in him and he needs to blow off-he will blow off all the early spring madness and joy into the contained room that is scaledown world, spinning in an orbit above and around The King And Queen pub. Blowing tonight in no particular order will be:

JUDE COWAN MONTAGUE - Our very own co-host scales down with a voice only performance plucking gems from her latest album, the brilliant 'The Leidenfrost Effect '.

THE REACTOR CORE IS SPLENDID - new TRCIS, old TRCIS ... sleight of hand, loose of lip, Simon Williams offers the slippery customers of Scaledown a sonic distortion coupled with a rabble rouser's tonsils. prepare to be engaged.

SMOO - more live adventures from our old friends Ivor Kallin and John Bisset, as they disembark at Scaledown Central on their eternal quest for something they can't quite remember where they put (it).

BOB CONSTANT - inimitable lead singer of the Goodbye Horses says goodbye to them at the stables and performs a fab solo set for the scaledown family.

MARK WALDRON - A welcome return for the august poet of chocolate cars, whose wife is a bird ... elegant, surreal and adorable

DAVE FOWLER AND LOZ SPEYER - Jazz drummer Dave Fowler and trumpet maestro and composer Loz Speyer drum and blast a cheeky set, keeping Scaledown's reputation for excellent improvisation up to the mark this month

As ever, it is FREE! Come to:

The King and Queen,
1 Foley Street,
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