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scaledown #108 and super news flash!

The Orchestra Pit
Scaledown #108
(Friday 24th April 2015)

April showers have been few and far between this month and so scaledown will compensate by showering great talent upon you from our spring cloud which resides upstairs at The King And Queen pub. Drip drip drop in particular order:

TROMBONE POETRY - right... you know the drill: a smattering of poetry; a burst of trombone; and a scattering of journalistic prose and improbable verbs. it's a formula that never fails, behold..... Trombone Poetry.

MARIANNE DISSARD - Paris, by way of Tucson, by way of the Pyrenees, but when not touring often to be found dwelling in the rock faces of Matera, working on her first novel. Marianne brings the 'Cat' tour to Scaledown.

SARAH REILLY - Sarah Reilly is a maverick creative and poet. She is evolving a contemporary perspective where poetry and philosophy collide and possibly merge. Will it go over our heads? No! We are a sophisticated audience! We have psyches too.

FURROWS -Stuart Bowditch and Nick Dawson ploughing yet more sonic trenches; Furrows plant a fresh crop of electronic improvisations.

LEONHEART - art therapist / musician /artist / lover of evolutionary sciences, monkey magic and culture jamming.

PETE EVANS - A scaledown regular, Pete returns to fold to air his inimitable guitar based acidic yet beautiful songs.

EZE CHIMALIO - Trumpet blues maestro. Soulish solos. Eze is also an excellent painter and writer. Don't look into his eyes they are very, very deep

As ever, it is FREE! Come to:

The King and Queen,
1 Foley Street,
Click to view map

SPECIAL NOTICE, FOLKS!! - If you are free on TUESDAY 21st APRIL, the legendary

BLURT play


THE ORCHESTRA PIT licks the carpet in appreciation of your ever strong loyalty