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scaledown #111

The Orchestra Pit
Scaledown #111
(Friday 31st July 2015)

July Andrews solved a problem like Maria. July Andrews helped the medicine go down. July Andrews taught Mr Van Dyke all he knows about the cockernee vernacular. July Andrews will now listen to the sound of music. She will climb every mountainous step up to the scaledown room to hear a few of her favourite no particular order:

BEECHING'S AXE - An improvised train-wreck of archive steam railway sound recordings and live electrified guitars, attempting to reflect aspects of a pivotal moment in British transport history. Featuring Kevin Younger and Mark Braby.

THE HAPPY COUPLE - Beautiful meditation on jaw harp and acoustic strings. The Happy Couple return once again to mesmerise the scaledown family.

STEVE MOYES - Steve Moyes will improvise with a rectangular cello, or a guitar shaped guitar, or whatever else he decides to bring along. It probably won't be pretty, but it might be.

MARIA SLOVAKOVA - She speaks of words and whispers of poison, berries and urban secrets. Her breath is honest, and her poems reflect the sun back into your eyes.

BING SELFISH - a quantum journey through an expanding universe or your shrinking mind guided by your selfish popmeister.

As ever, it is FREE! Come and hear/see the scaled down performances. DOORS OPEN AT 7.30 PM of the clock. FIFTEEN MINUTES PER ACT! Come along to:

The King and Queen,
1 Foley Street,
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THE ORCHESTRA PIT , the big sister organisation to scaledown, feels a soft warmth at your continued interest