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The Orchestra Pit Fifth Anniversary Live Musical Concert

Greetings Scaledown and Orchestra Pit Subscribers,

This month marks the fifth anniversary of the very first Orchestra Pit Live Musical Concert and, to celebrate this milestone, we have a special concert for you this coming Friday, 9th May.

Original 70s punk/lounge/cult band Vic Godard & the Subway sect will be headlining whilst support will be provided by the verbose glissandi of Trombone Poetry, the minimalist guitar improv of Gary Smith and the kitsch power punk pop of the Bottle Brunettes.

The event will occur at the Arts Theatre Club at 50 Frith Street, Soho from 7pm for the princely sum of £6. Advance tickets can be purchased directly from our website for the princely sum of £4 (go to

Speaking of web sites our brand spanking and shiny new web site is nearing completion and will be launched on Monday the 12th May.

The next Scaledown Live Performance Event will occur on Friday 30th May at the usual locale.

As usual full details of all of the above can be found on our creaky old grey web site at

The Orchestra Pit salutes your continuing support.