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Scaledown #94

(Friday 6th December)

What is this I see before my very mince pies? Cor blimey, it's a Christmas Jamboree Scaledown style! We've got all the usual oddballs and freaks, complemented by some musical guests whom they will be hosting. It promises to be a right ol' bleedin' Fitzrovian knees up...


The Orchestra Pit
Scaledown #93
(Friday the 18th October)

Ladies and Gentle t'ings, would you kindly be seated for the 93rd Scaledown... Rather than look like we know what we're doing up here, we are simply going to relay to you the entertainment we have on offer:

Thom Driver - Thom shall be previewing tracks from the debut album by his band Piper's Son - 'The Roar From Behind' [released Nov. 11th on our very own Vacilando '68 Recordings]; enigmatic, with an artist's eye for detail, his songwriting structures are both intricate and eclectic, painting expressionistically musical canvases, with melodies that hang in the air before firmly lodgin' in yer noggin.


The Orchestra Pit


The autumnal winds blow gentle in September but with enough wind to toss up a musical salad by way of the Scaledown club. We urge you to get the dressing and attend our next event which occurs at The King and Queen on the corner of Foley Street in London's buoyant Fitzrovia on Friday the 27th September at 7.30 of the clock. It is, as always, FREE to attend and the acts are, in no particular order:


The Orchestra Pit


Scaledown #91

(Friday the 26th July)

Ladies and Gentlemen of the July sun,

Have you waxed down your surf boards? Are you planning to catch a wave? On Friday, 26th July, at 7.30, we advise you to leave the boards at the door-the door of scaledown as you ascend the wooden steps of The King and Queen to ride on a wave of talent as the artists (listed in no particular order) duly deliver July music to you:


Scaledown April

Scaledown   It's April and Scaledown is blooming. blooming what? Well, you'll have to come along and decide for yourself, and why wouldn't you when we have this rather wonderful bill to spring on you: full details here.


Scaledown March

Scaledown   SC...SC...SC...SC...SC...SCALEDOWN is here to make your hair curl, or unfurl... Or simply imagine it's there.

Full details here.


Release Me

Scaledown   Funking things up (damn you spellnhenk) at the February Snaledown will be the following splendid artistes:

Tom Paley / David Velez / Piper’s Son / Mark Waldron / Cathy Flowers / IDFY / Reactor Core Is Splendid

Full details here.


Release Me

OP15   The Orchestra Pit Recording Company is pleased to announce our first release of 2013, the two track 7" from Thee Potato 4 featuring Mr Mark Braby (and many others). Full details can be found here or you can pop along and buy it in our shop.


Onwards into 2013

Scaledown   The time has come to welcome 2013 with an air of positivity, and the air is blowing fair from the upstairs room at the King And Queen for, wafting around in the crevices, the wind of creativity blows in Scaledown form on Friday 25th January. Full details of which can be found here.


Autumnal Return

Scaledown   Okay kids, the summer's over, and it's back to school! The Scaledown boys and Jude Cowan are all sporting brand new uniforms and their collective shiny satchel includes a pencil case full of sharpened tunes. Check it out this Friday (28th September) at the usual place, full details here.
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