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Scaledown Sixty Seven

Scaledown   Scaledown number Sixty Seven will be occuring on this very Friday 28th January at the usual locale. Full details of the acts who will be performing for your pleasure can be found on this page 'ere.


November Scaledown Photographs

Scaledown   Photographs visually documenting the very last Scaledown Live Performance Event of 2010 have now been lovingly added to the page for the event in our archive of Scaledown photographs and thus can now be viewed here.


Last Scaledown of the Year

Scaledown   Yes, the very last Scaledown of the year is due to occur next Friday, 19th November, at the usual place (King & Queen) and time (from 7.30pm). This event is a joint venture between our Orchestra Pit regulars and Terry Edwards who delves into his Sartorial records catalogue to bring us joy and entertainment.

Full details of those destined to perform can be found here.


New Release: Under Archway by Dear Thief (OP12)

OP12   We are also extremely pleased to announce the release of the debut album from Dear Thief called "Under Archway". A bunch of songs described as an "insomniac's lullaby" which tell personal tales of living in Archway, homelessness and civil war.

Full details can be found here and you can now buy it direct from our shop here.


New Release: The Return of the Sleeping Policemen by Ron Jetson (OP11)

OP11   We here at The Orchestra Pit Recording Company are pleased to announce the release of the new album by Mr Ron Jetson entitled "The Return of the Sleeping Policemen". A collection featuring scrupulous attention to melody, form and logic all being subverted by emptiness, noise and chaos.

Full details can be found here and you can now buy it direct from our shop here.


November Scaledown just two weeks hence...

Scaledown   Please be aware that in a break from protocol Scaledown will not be occurring on the last Friday of November, as is the norm. Due to scheduling necessity it will instead be occurring on Friday 19th (i.e. just two weeks hence). This will be our last Scaledown of the year and thus boasts a suitably impressive line-up of acts to safely lull you into the yuletide season with musical joy, full details on the Scaledown page of this very website.


Scaledown is as Friday does.

Scaledown   Before you snuggle under your duvet to resolutely ignore the trick or treating children why not pop along to the King & Queen and have a listen to what the Scaledown Live Performance Event has to offer. There will be at least five acts, all there to delight and enthral you this Friday (29th October), full details here.


Latest Orchestra Pit Photos

The Orchestra Pit presents...   Photos depicting the events that transpired at the recent Orchestra Pit Live Musical Concert featuring Vic Godard and Subway Sect, Bitter Springs, Dear Thief and Drop can now be viewed on the following very page here.


The Orchestra Pit presents...

The Orchestra Pit presents...   We are very proud to be hosting the launch night for the latest album by Vic Godard and Subway Sect next Thursday 14th October at St Aloysius Social Club in London, NW1. Support will be provided by Bitter Springs, Dear Thief and Drop, full details can be found here and advance, discounted tickets can be purchased here.


September Scaledown Semblances

Scaledown   As is usual photographs of last Friday's Scaledown Live Performance Event have now been posted onto this very web site and can now be viewed on the following page, right here.
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