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Scaledown returns refreshed and ready

Scaledown   Following our customary Summer hiatus we are sure you will all be pleased to hear that Scaledown returns to the end of your month once more with what can only be described as aplomb.

Full details of those destined to perform at the 64th Scaledown this Friday can now be found on this page.


The Orchestra Pit presents...

The Orchestra Pit presents...   The Orchestra Pit presents... Vic Godard and Subway Sect celebrating the release of "We Come As Aliens" at The St Aloysius Social Club on Thursday 14th October. Also performing as special guests will be: Bitter Springs, Dear Thief and Drop, full details here.

Advance tickets, at the discounted price of £4 (it's £6 on the door), are now available to buy from our shop


September Orchestra Pit Quarterly Photos

The Orchestra Pit   Photos of the most recent of the Orchestra Pit Club Quarterly nights which occured on the 8th September can now be viewed here.


September Orchestra Pit Quarterly

The Orchestra Pit   The next Orchestra Pit Club Quarterly will take place on Wednesday the 8th September at Peter Parker's in London's fragrant Denmark Street (aka Tin Pan Alley).

It wil feature Nought, Your New Friend amd Nitwood, full details of which can be found on the following page of this web site


Visual Depictions Of July Scaledown Found

Scaledown   The last Scaledown before our traditional summer break was an emotional affair for all involved, like the end of term at a school in the 70s (only without the board games). Fortunately our camera man was there to capture the highs and lows of yet another splendid evening, the results of which can now be viewed on this page here.


July Scaledown - Yes, August Scaledown - No.

Scaledown   The last Scaledown before our traditional summer break is occuring this Friday (30th). Yes that means after Friday you will have to wait two whole months for the next box of delights, therefore I suggest you attend forthwith.

Full details of those performing can be found here.


Reduced Released


The Orchestra Pit Recording Company is chuffed to present to you their latest offering which is entitled 'Reduced' by Mike Adcock and Sylvia Hallett. Two renowned artists on the free improvisational circuit, Mike and Sylvia have collaborated to provide you with an album of improvisational beauty; complex and simple at the same time. The music ranges from the exploration of sound textures drawn from a variety of non-musical objects (bicycle wheel, marble chute), to tonal pieces utilizing more conventional instruments such as violin, piano accordion and guitar.

'Reduced' is now available to buy in our shop.


Photo June Scaledown June Photo

Scaledown   A selection of photos captured on the evening of Friday last which serve to visually document the evening of Scaledown based entertainment can now be viewed on the following page here.


June Scaledown June

Scaledown   Full details detailing the five acts which have been carefully hand picked to delight and enthrall you at this month's Scaledown Live Performance Event can now be found on the Scaledown page of this very web site. We advise you go there now to familiarise yourself with the treats coming your way on friday.


First Club Quarterly Photos

TOP27   Photographic evidence documenting the events that transpired at Peter Parker's last Wednesday at the first of our Club Quarterly nights can now be viewed on the following page.
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