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The very first Scaledown of 2010

Scaledown   Full details of the exciting inaugural event of 2010 can now be found on this web site by visiting the following page here


The Orchestra Photo Pit

The Orchestra Pit   Photographs captured at last night's thoroughly splendid Orchestra Pit Live Musical Concert can now be viewed here. Let this serve as an indicator, to those who failed to attend, just how thoroughly splendid it was.


November Scaledown Visual Record

Scaledown   A visual record was made of the proceedings which occured in the King & Queen last Friday, it van be viewed by all and sundry by clicking on the word here, here


Scaledown November

Scaledown   The very last Scaledown of 2009 is due to occur next Friday, 27th November, at the usual place at the usual time with the usual unique ambience. Full details can be found on the usual page.


Scaledown Images

The Orchestra Pit   We are pleased to be able to announce details of the next in the illustrious line of Orchestra Pit Live Musical Concerts. It is to occur on Wednesday the 2nd December 2009 and will feature the musical talents of Singing Loins, Ron Jetson and Nitwood, full details can be found here.


Scaledown Images

Scaledown   A fresh set if images captured at October's Sartorial Scaledown can now be viewed on the page here.


Sartorial Scaledown

Scaledown   October's Scaledown (which is due to occur this Friday, the 30th) is to be an extra special joint venture in association with Terry Edwards and his Sartorial Records label. Mr Edwards will be selecting three of the acts from his stable of artists

Full details of all the acts can be found on the Scaledown page.


Scaledown Sponsor

Terralelec   Visitors to the recent Scaledown Live Performance Event will have noticed a brand spanking new PA issuing pristine tones to all and sundry. This was very kindly donated by those lovely people at Terralec, The Orchestra Pit thanks them most profusely for their contribution.


Scaledown September

Scaledown   Details of all of the acts conscripted to perform at this month's Scaledown can now be viewed on the Scaledown page of this very web site here and also here.


New Release - Naïm Amor 7" Gatefold EP

Scaledown   The Orchestra Pit Recording Company is pleased to announce our latest release and the second from Naïm Amor.

A gorgeous gatefold double 7" EP featuring recordings from his albums 'Sanguine', 'Mistake Love' and 'Soundtracks Vol II' + an exclusive unreleased track. Full details (including an audio sample) here and you can now buy it in our shop.
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