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OP1 - Pocket - Ready To Go / Stupid Cat


The lead track from the single "Ready To Go" should strike a chord with those among us that realise mortality is a reality, but that eventuality should be more than just a formality. Musically it surfs the skirmish that is the primal pleasure of pure rock n' roll, but with an introspection befitting of someone whose attitude (to life) does not come in the shape of a trilby hat from upper Brick Lane, drawing a pipeline twixt Eddie Cochran and…something else entirely.

Pocket is a band fronted by John Bisset, initially a front man with Manchester New Wave bands Spherical Objects and Grow Up and a member of the Manchester Musicians Collective where he collaborated with Simon Holt, and Tony Friel (ex of The Fall). Bisset spent many years leading the seven-piece London Electric Guitar Orchestra (L.E.G.O) – producing 5 diverse and extreme albums. He is a highly visible participant in the International free-improv scene, and is responsible for the London arm of the 2:13 Club (which also goes out on a musical limb in Berlin and Athens). Pocket allows him to explore the more direct poppy nature of his repertoire.

The single was released on the 13th November 2007 with a single launch party at the Marquee club: