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OP2 - Naïm Amor - 4 Track 10" EP


The Orchestra Pit Recording Co. is very proud to present for it’s second release the incredibly talented Naïm Amor. Naïm relocated from his native Paris to Tucson, Arizona in the mid-nineties, where he quickly fell in with the extended musical family built around the Giant Sand axis. This resulted in 2 studio albums and 1 live album with fellow Parisian emigree Thomas Belhom as Amor Belhom Duo, as well as the 2001 collaboration with Calexico as A.B.B.C. – 'Tete Á Tete'.

Naïm's solo career began later that year with the album 'Soundtracks', followed in 2003 by 'Soundtracks II', released on Howe Gelb's OwOm label. Other sonic adventures have seen him record and perform with Neko Case and Françoiz Breut, as well as long-time fans Devotchka, after they chanced upon him behind the bar of a downtown Tucson venue at which they were performing.

"a fine guitar player ... plays chords as fast as I can play single notes. his prowess as a violinist is stunning, and this new record of his ('Sanguine') is inexcusably good. he lives in Tucson, but says he’s French ... that would explain things. a good man. the end." - Howe Gelb, February 2008

The tracks on this EP are taken from 2 as yet unreleased and vastly diverse albums; 'Sanguine' is a sumptuous collection of songs co-produced by Calexico's Joey Burns, who also co-wrote the lead track "Les Bruits"; guesting on the album are Burns' band-mate John Convertino, and Danish chanteuse Marie Frank, both of whom can be heard adding their distinctive percussive and vocal talents respectively to the track "Quelle Heure Est Il?". "Le Paratonnerre" and "Be The Song" meanwhile are taken from older recordings produced by John Parish (PJ Harvey, the Eels and Sparklehorse), which together book-end the album 'Mistake Love' - a much spikier sounding album full of jagged hooks and vocal eccentricities, not to mention some wild theremin.

The single was released on the 12th March 2008 with an EP launch night at the Arts Theatre Club: