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OP3 - Country Dad - CD Single


"I can only describe the experience as like living inside a John Cage piece being performed on the last shopping day before Christmas on Oxford Street", so says front man John Bisset following their well received performance in the Jazz Lounge at Glastonbury.

That same weariness, tempered with a healthy dose of optimism, can also be found on the first single from Country Dad, featuring 3 versions of "Over And Over" - the first performed entirely by Mr Bisset himself, multi-tasking, and mildly tutting his way through this anthem for a new doo wop generation; the second on which he's joined by his Guillemot friend Christopher Cundy; and the third, a live recording from last March's Orchestra Pit launch night for Naïm Amor's EP, at which the genial Arizonan Frenchman joined John Bisset and the Dad's washboard prince John Say on stage, barely hours after having first been introduced.

This single was released into the World one summer's evening at one of the Orchestra Pit's regular Scaledown shows, before disappearing into the London night, but has made a welcome return post-Glastonbury.