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OP4 - Terry Edwards - 7" Single


From John Peel favourites The Higsons, via Two Tone Records, moments with Madness, raising the bar with Billy Bragg, and propping it up with Gallon Drunk, on the rider for Tom Waits and on both the road and record with Tindersticks, on stage as part of Jerry Dammers' Spatial AKA, in the studio with Nick Cave, PJ Harvey and Lydia Lunch, walking like an Egyptian with The Bangles, and replacing a whole bunch of them for Robyn Hitchcock, and more recently working with The Duke Spirit, Dirty Pretty Things and Elbow…

Terry Edwards is very much a musician in demand; but he always finds time to get back with his own band The Scapegoats (currently comprised of Jem Moore on bass and drummer Simon Pearson, with trombonist Mike Kearsey also guesting on the lead track), as he does for us here with 2 tracks from his latest project. We'll let Terry himself explain further:

"I decided to look at new ways of playing nursery rhymes in response to listening to a lot of Albert Ayler recordings. I've never considered myself to be a jazz player and there's a certain awkwardness about some British musicians aping African-American music, so thought I'd look into my own musical heritage. As I have very little time for the type of folk music associated with weird-beards, real ale and the like, I pursued nursery rhymes.

The political aspect of some of the rhymes was of some interest - a lot of them are about religion (Catholic versus Protestants), but there are others about taxation (Baa Baa Black Sheep) and unemployment (Hark! Hark! The Dogs Do Bark). Some are London-specific too, which appeals to me. That aside, I just like the tunes. This single highlights two tunes, hopefully an album's worth will follow...".

The two tunes in question which Terry has graciously offered The Orchestra Pit Recording Co. couldn't be more different in their execution….."Hark! Hark! The Dogs Do Bark" delivers a chilling playground collision between Discharge and Glam Rock, opening with a Hitchcockian (that would be Sir Alfred) frenzy of noise before the tune's intensity builds layer upon layer until the oddly contemporary lyrics are delivered in the voice of the disaffected. "Three Blind Mice" meanwhile eschews any words and carving knives in favour of a brassy carnivalesque feel as the mice, sporting shades purchased from Walt Jabsco, party blue-beat style to the sound of distant steel drums.

Shows are being organised post-carnival to promote the single fitting around Terry's hectic schedule as he promotes his re-released Dora Suarez project with James Johnston (Gallon Drunk front-man) and embarks on a North American tour with Robyn Hitchcock.

For further infor visit Terry's website or myspace page.