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The Orchestra Pit Recording Co.

The Orchestra Pit Recording Company was formulated in 2007 as a logical extension of the sterling work The Orchestra Pit has done in terms of finding and championing adventurous and experimental new music.

The simple aim being to bring to the attention of the record buying public gems of music that they might otherwise never hear or be aware the existence of.

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OP15   Thee Potato 4 - "Porno 'Tache" b/w "In The Past" (7" Vinyl/CD)

Mark Braby, current Subway Sect multi-instrumentalist takes front stage for Thee Potato 4, ably joined by his former Gemma Ray collaborators Sarah Peacock and Jonny Wood, and fellow Sect member Kevin Younger + Sexual Objects drummer Ian Holford, with additional input from Jon Clayton, whose One Cat Studio was the birthplace of these recordings. psychedelic punk pop A side "Porno 'Tache" is a Braby original, full of the idiosyncratic style that this enigmatic performer has become much cherished for on the London music scene; whilst flip side is a cover of the lost 60s gem "In The Past", originally recorded by We The People.

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OP13   Joey Herzfeld & Hooverville - "Other People's Pain" (CD Album)

Joey speaks: "Like many overdue debut albums, this, for me, feels like a "best of" compilation, cherry-picking personal favourites from over a decade of song-writing. The recurrent themes - mental illness, love gone wrong, the last gasp of modern culture - don't sound like a big ol' barrel of laughs, but I hope they're sugared with enough wit and melody to go down easy."

'Hooverville' are made up of an incredibly talented bunch of musicians in Alex Ward, Luke Barlow, Dave O'Brien and Jem Doulton, who have played in such assortments as the Guillemots, Nought, the Gannets, Dead Days Beyond Help, Pocket, Mr Ron Jetson, and so much more; each player is a fine composer in their own right, with a style and band(s) of their own, so, for all the genre hopping, everyone brings something very particular to the table both as player and arranger, and for this album they really pushed the boat out, drafting in a host of fine guest musicians to create a maximalist misery jamboree on a shoe-string budget.

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OP14   Sylvia Hallett and Anna Homler - "The Many Moods Of Bread And Shed" (CD Album)

In the duo of Homler and Hallett (aka Bread and Shed) free improvisation meets entrancing vocal melody in a layered sea of shape-shifting loops, drones and noise.

The Many Moods of Bread and Shed evokes lunar landscapes and mysterious laments. Lyrical instrumentals conjure meetings with the inhabitants of extraterrestrial marshes. Simple folk-like melodies of a long-forgotten time: a universe of mystery, depth, beauty and humour. This long-awaited CD documents their recorded work from 2002 to 2010. Studio recordings sit alongside tracks created long distance, files winging back and forth between Los Angeles and London.

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V68-5   Naïm Amor - "Dansons" (12" cream coloured vinyl LP + free download)

When Howe Gelb describes you as one of his favourite guitarists, you know you must be doing something right, and when both Calexico + Devotchka call upon your services also, that pretty much confirms it. Naïm Amor creates music for pleasure - his own + that of others that have a keen ear for outstanding musicianship that retains an experimental edge. Sometimes this comes out relatively low-key via via his series of 'Soundtracks' albums, but every so often a batch of songs will formulate into a more traditional album format, as was the case with his previous album, the Calexico-backed 'Sanguine', whilst this latest release 'Dansons' sees guests such as Howe Gelb + Thoger Lund (Giant Sand) joined by Calexico drummer John Convertino, and fellow Tucson dweller Emilie Marchand lending co-vocals for an album of Brazilian inspired French-Americana, where Django Reinhardt styled slinky guitar rhythms flirt with the bossa nova sound of Antonio Carlos Jobim, and poetic ruminations on life in both English and French, delivered with a crispness of touch developed during Naïm's decade plus sojourn in the Sonoran south-west.

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V68-4   Singing Loins - "House In The Woods / Ain't The World A Lovely Place" (Double 7" Vinyl)

Two delightful slices of 'authentic raw folk from the Medway Delta' make up the double A side disc. "House In The Woods" has been the centre piece of the Loins live set since its inclusion on their 2005 reformation album (after many a difference and split nose had been put aside by founder members Chris 'Brod' Broderick and Chris 'Arfur' Allen to recognize the greater good of just how much Medway and the wider world needed the Loins). Now showcasing an expanded line-up featuring junk shop banjo player Rob Shepherd, as well as the added timbre of John Forrester and his double bass. A simple, heartfelt plea for a lifestyle away from the unnecessary distractions and irritations of the modern daily grind, idealistic or idyllic? Who's to say, but it captures an emotion that probably exists to a degree in all of us without sounding like a fanciful delusion but rather a genuine urge to live the life of the rich and contented (in mind, body, spirit and soul at least); Similarly "Ain't The World A Lovely Place", another stalwart crowd pleaser, deserved a revamp having previously only been captured for posterity in Billy Childish’s bog back in 1994. A stirring anthem for the dispossessed, disparate and otherwise disposed, and another sideways look at the world that the Loins so excel at when at their rootsy populist best. The bonus disc features a live rendition of "Since You Were My Girl" recorded at The Barge in Gillingham + the original demo of "Cunny Anne" recorded in Brod's front room.

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OP12   Dear Thief - "Under Archway" (CD Album)

"'Under Archway' is an insomniac's lullaby. Set in an urban landscape, the singer describes the restless sounds and half-stories that he hears beneath his window. 'Under Archway' is a plea for rest, perversely sustained by the rhythmic. overhung energy of the street below.".....and that's just the opening title track and lead single. 'Under Archway' is not all about love and hate or sex and death, it is a collection of songs that also tell personal tales of homelessness and civil war, performed by just three musicians which can evoke the strength and unity of an entire army. Through their idiosyncratic sound the band nod respectfully, and glance playfully, to numerous influences that include The Lapse, The Fall and John Coltrane. Dear Thief are Yusuf B'Layachi, Emma Bennett and Tim Greany.

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OP11   Mr Ron Jetson - "The Return Of The Sleeping Policemen" (CD Album)

It’s all there – the scrupulous attention to melody, form, logic; and then the subversion – the emptiness, the noise, the chaos and trauma… weaving its way through the structure, underpinning and unsettling it at once. The sonic world of Thelonius Monk hangs heavy over the record in certain ways: the percussive piano playing, the aggressive atonal tensions and the fleeting promise of a straightforward blues. Monk playing late-modern Rock music is a strange thought, and if there were one comment to make about The Return Of The Sleeping Policemen, it would be that it is a ‘strange thought’. This album was conceived by Jem Doulton - master of percussion, dulcet of tone and tormentor of drums skins with Dead Days Beyond Help, whose partner in that band Alex Ward (Guillemots, The Gannets etc…) turns up here alongside other alt. luminaries such as James Sedwards and Luke Barlow of Nought.

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OP10   7 inches of sno' - Howe Gelb 'Sno Angel - double 7" Single

Two stand out tracks from the CD/DVD package ‘Sno Angel - Winging It’ - “Nail In The Sky” + “Worried Spirits”; coupled with re-renderings of a pair of Giant Sand numbers in “Neon Filler” + “Chore Of Enchantment”. All tracks feature Howe and his Canadian based ‘Sno Angel touring band backed by the Voices Of Praise choir. Lead track “Nail In The Sky” is pure Howe, playful lyrics, a subtle sigh in the voice and those chords picked out just so, providing that fine patina that coats the best of Howe’s sonic wardrobe, and with a chorus to rival Neil Young at his most populist. The remaining tracks finds Gelb and band taking a more bluesy rocking direction on a cover of Rainer’s “Worried Spirits”, whilst Howe’s Americana-beatnik persona is more to the fore on “Neon Filler”, and the Voices Of Praise provide a fitting crescendo on the closing “Chore Of Enchantment”.

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V68-1   Tucson Moonshine - Susie Hug - CD album

The former Katydids vocalist ventured out to Tucson, Arizona to record her latest album with J D Foster at the helm and Calexico providing back up. The album provides a gorgeous mix of South Western Americana, with a twist of West Coast pop sensibility running deep throughout - Fleetwood Mex?...the album is a road trip of the imagination, kickin’ up some dust, almost afraid to settle anywhere too long, but like the prickly weather-beaten saguaros that dominate the open spaces of Arizona, there's a durability... toughness.....invincibility that can be sensed amongst the tenderness of the music on offer.

All orders come with a 4 track bonus disc of exclusive instrumentals.

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V68-1   l'entredeux - Marianne Dissard - CD album

The long anticipated UK release for Marianne Dissard’s debut album, co-written and produced by Calexico’s Joey Burns, previously best known for her co-vocals on the Calexico hit single ‘The Ballad Of Cable Hogue’, along with directing the Giant Sand documentary ‘Drunken Bees’. Marianne’s lyrics, tender and biting vignettes of love and other little lies, are beautifully augmented by Joey Burns musical arrangements to provide a tour de force of Americana-Chanson. Exclusive to this edition in digipak format are 2 bonus live recordings of songs originally recorded by Françoiz Breut and Naïm Amor.

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OP9   Reduced - Sylvia Hallett & Mike Adcock - CD album Digipack

Showcasing the pair's improvisational talents as they weave beautiful and empathetic tapestries of organic sounds and music, culled from backgrounds which have included working or studying with Jah Wobble, Gavin Bryars and Clive Bell, as well as being members of the London Musicians Collective. The album Reduced contains a series of improvisations recorded in the summer of 2009, the music ranging from the exploration of sound textures drawn from a variety of non-musical objects to tonal pieces utilizing more conventional instruments such as violin, piano accordion and guitar.

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Our latest release is our second from Naïm Amor. A gorgeous gatefold double 7" EP featuring recordings from his albums 'Sanguine', 'Mistake Love' and 'Soundtracks Vol II' + an exclusive unreleased track.

Full details can be found on our release page.


Our sixth release is our first full album - the new album by London based avant-rock band Lost Robots. A fusing of exciting, compact structures with free improvisation and abstract sound.

Full details can be found on our release page and the album, packaged in a tasteful digipac, can now be purchased directly from our shop.


The fifth release to sally forth from the Orchestra Pit stables is a 7" single by the inimitable Blurt. Repetitious and infectious grooves of solid robotic drumming combine with minimalist guitar patterns, wild bursts of free form sax and dramatically demonic vocals.

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Our fourth release is a 7" single by renowned multi-instrumentalist Terry Edwards and his Scapegoats. A unique version of the classic nursery rhyme "Three Blind Mice" released to coincide with the Notting Hill Carnival due to it's distinctly Caribbean feel.

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OP3 was released into the world one summer's evening at one of the Orchestra Pit's regular Scaledown shows, before disappearing into the London night, but has made a welcome return post-Glastonbury. It features 3 versions of Over and Over by Country Dad.

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Our second release is a 10" EP featuring Paris born/Tucson dwelling Naim Amor. Two tracks of the EP was recorded in collaboration with Joey Burns & John Convertino of Calexico whilst the other two were produced by John Parish (PJ Harvey, Eels and Sparklehorse).

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Our first release is a limited edition 7" single from Orchestra Pit favourites Pocket featuring Ready To Go b/w Stupid Cat.

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More great release are being planned for the future so watch this space...