The Orchestra Pit The Orchestra Pit

May 2005

27th May 2005

Toots, Taylor and the Casios - Formed in the early 1920s, Toots, Taylor and The Casios enthusiasm for their work has not yet been matched by commercial success. Scaledown will be their last gig in the UK before flying out to break America, so be prepared to be surprised and perhaps a little alarmed at this casual affair between a tenor recorder, an electric guitar and a couple of cheap hired hands conducted in a tiger-print padded boudoir. Scott 'Totty' Taylor on Guitar, Tracey 'Toots' Osmond on Recorder accompanied by Brian 'Fingers' Inglis and Donaldo 'Dictator' Tempi on faded plastic keyboards assembled in the mid 1980's in Japan.

pwilson - re)fresh from a beta testing, pwilson offers/calls bingo out: calling, caller : tapped, looped voice; taped, found sound; unlearnt noise and proper wmc fieldrecording; quizzed, prized, any line(s). >live laptop improvisation: chance, process, a bingo name and a quiz, an eppiggramm... once and one only. choker. two and nine.

The Reactor Core - Guitar, electronics and voice from Simon Williams of the London Electric Guitar Orchestra, playing a selection of fragile and difficult to pin down songs.

Fari - Music from the mysterious and unknown.

Stefano Tedesco - Stefano is a serious mover and shaker in Italian improvised music- a vibrophone player whose work has ranged from Morton Feldman to Kenny Wheeler. For this unique gig, Stefano will be performing on his "pocket vibraphone" and live electronics. Scaledown is delighted to expand its international range with a visitor from Italy.

Matt Wright - Hiss buzz turntablist trickery from wrNg