The Orchestra Pit The Orchestra Pit

June 2005

24th June 2005

Martin White - Witty and droll songs performed on a piano accordion.

John Bisset - John is one of the most original guitarists in the British improvised music scene, with a style that as informed by pop music as much as the arhythmic, atonal style of Derek Bailey et al. Has a fascinating history including lengthy spells in Manchester Musicians' Collective, lengendary post-punkers "Spherical Objects" and "Grow Up", founding member of the "London Electric Guitar Orchestra" and more recently the dynamic instrumental quartet "Pocket". His most recent CD, "Smithy", is an enchanting collection of improvisations that sees a surprising return to melody.

Lol Coxhill/Mike Walter - Saxophonists Mike Walter and Lol Coxhill used to play together in The Extreme Quartet, and reduced to a sax duo for the CD "Mouth" about which Richard Cook in the Penguin Guide to Jazz says "Lol’s ability to weave in and out of someone else’s lines or simply to lay down textures for a fellow improviser is well on show here. Mostly though it’s free if notionally songlike and very effective.". Mike Walter has played with many notable improvising groups, most notably the free fusion band "One King Poets", Lol Coxhill's history is almost impossible to summarise, taking in as does free improv, electronica, reggae and jazz and collaborators as varied as Evan Parker, Martha and the Vandellas, Kevin Ayers, Steve Beresford and The Damned.

Rachel Kann - LA based poet who works within the confines of page poetry, spoken word and hip hop and then breaks down those boundaries to do something genuinely different, all the while laughing in the face of tired old gender roles. This is her first time in the UK and thus her first ever gig on these shores.

Suggestion Box - An improvising trio consisting of Steve Beresford (electronics, toys and objects), Richard Sanderson (garmoshka, objects and stuff) and Richard Thomas (voice, equipment, objects and things). Although all have collaborated together at various points this is their first performance of this trio. Steve Beresford's collaboration with Richard Sanderson, the LP "I Shall Become a Bat" is available now.

Jail - Jail are an astonishing 5-piece, whose witty and inventive music has seen them compared to The Fall and Half Man Half Biscuit - (and Includes Jimbo Smalls of this board) obviously for this performance they're "scaling down" to a 3 piece or smaller (hopefully including a human beat box), but the joyful playfulness of their music remains.