The Orchestra Pit The Orchestra Pit

July 2005

29th July 2005

The fourteenth Scaledown event featured live performances from:

Howard Jacques - In the tradition of solo free improvisations on saxophones, guitar etc, Howard performs on the melodica, the hand-held blown keyboard instrument beloved of Augustus Pablo and New Order. Resonant, chordal and with a huge dynamic range for a free-reed instrument, Howard's interactive performances are both contemplative and dynamic.

Desconocidas - Soft focus dubby electronica from the duo of Joel Trilles (laptop) and Pablo Alvarez (effects and filter queen). A music of slipped and fractured lazy beats and fleeting bursts of glitch-ridden harmony, the music of Desconocidas is as hazily hallucinogenic and subtly haunting as a half remembered tune from a transistor radio on a sunny day.

Ella Jones - Accompanying herself on keyboard, Ella Jones sings affecting and neatly structured songs that recall the emotionally charged work of Laura Nyro. Ella's songs are compelling - an openness and deceptive simplicity in the music belies a deeper emotional current. Powerful stuff.

Gary Smith - An improvising guitarist who's recorded with John Stevens, Joe Gallivan and the Japanese group High Rise, Gary Smith's music has remained fiercely individualistic. After a period exploring blistering volume and a unique "stereo guitar" style that caught the ears of Sonic Youth amongst others, his latest work is appropriately scaled down and much quieter, but still nobody else plays like Gary.

Charles Campbell Jones - A pianist and unique songwriter offering up a batch of beautifully unhinged, yet fragile songs full of gorgeously off-kilter melodies.