The Orchestra Pit The Orchestra Pit

September 2005

16th September 2005

The sixteenth Scaledown event featured live performances from:

Tim Holehouse - Tim Holehouse, vocalist from Among The Missing gets more intimate for Scaledown with a selection of tense and moodily reflective songs self penned over the past 7 years. Should be a corker.

Eastern Redevelopment Committee - More electronics and visuals from the resolutely recondite duo of Wilson and Smith. In this intriguing project they will present a psychogeographical portrait of The King and Queen (the venue for Scaledown) itself, using environmental recordings, video and software which translates photography into sound. Smith and Wilson's work, whilst always explorative and uncompromising is also inspired by deeply engrained elements of working class culture.

Organ Morgan - Organ Morgan performs solo free improvisations on a battered old Hammond organ, creating drone like organic playful expressionistic brash sonic murals with the aid of rotary speaker and effects. This is one of his first solo forays. Coming from a background of classical, rock and blues music he is inspired by everything from Ligeti's Volumina to the Green Onions of Booker T.

Morgan und Nite - Using a spartan acoustic format (harmonium, resonator guitar with e-bow, and voice), the duo of Frances Morgan and Leee Nite nevertheless produce an enveloping warm bath of drone therapy, with nods towards an "ectoplasmic" folk music - somehow pure and deceptively simple. Claiming inspiration from Pelt, Sunroof, the Shaker Movement and Quantum Physics, Morgan and Nite are delightfully original and mesmeric.

Benedict Drew - Solo performance for laptop and visuals from one of London's most versatile electronic musicians. Ben is a member of the electronic duo Nish, and a collaborator with many of the new generation of free improvisers (as well as enthusiastic facilitator). He also provides live computer video for The Cinematic Orchestra and others. His music, although abstract, also manages to avoid the many pitfalls and clichés that can befall this new, but already somewhat over-subscribed genre, to create something exciting and innovative.

The Irrepressibles - Lead by the fragile and wistful voice of James McDermmott, The Irrepressibles concoct a theatrical assemblage of cello and acoustic tinged torch songs ideally suited for the Scaledown club. Delicate and swoonsome, by Jove!