The Orchestra Pit The Orchestra Pit

November 2005

25th November 2005

The eighteenth Scaledown event featured live performances from:

Lost Robots - A group whose music is rooted in free improvisation, but influenced by a huge variety of music. The multi instrumental group present their debut performance (after nearly 2 years of woodshedding) in an understated, largely acoustic set for Scaledown.

Paul Shearsmith & Mike Walter - A scaled down duo featuring Mike Walter (synthesizer, electronics, soprano sax) of the One King Poets and Paul Shearsmith (pocket trumpet and pipes) of Echo City and Ya Basta. Intricate and intimate improvisations...

Mike Adcock - A solo performance from Britain's avant-squeezebox maestro. Mike takes the piano accordion around the world and into the dusty nooks and crannys in the bellows. Expressive, entertaining and illuminating, he takes the most versatile of free reed instruments into the beyond and back.

The McDeath Trio - From the same people who brought you the Charles Napiers (and indeed featuring 3/4 of the original line-up of that band), The McDeath Trio will be knocking out a set of short, sharp, stripped down, sinister instrumentals (yep, the apple didn't fall too far from the tree...). With influences ranging from Brazilian Jazz to Australian Noir to French Yé-Yé to good ol' shitkickin' deep south hillbilly, and all delivered with that Napier guarantee of quality (ahem).

Ninki V - Playing electro-spiritual music on the theremin whilst accompanying herself with cheesy casio beats, synths, toy instruments and duets with a dancing skeleton. In the pipeline this year is an EP for Sock Records, a launderette tour and numberous collaborations with musicians in the London Underground scene.