The Orchestra Pit The Orchestra Pit

January 2006

27th January 2006

The nineteenth Scaledown event featured live performances from:

Rabbit - A duo of Dave Aylward (percussion), a veteran of many improv groups and drummer with "The Brain of Morbius", and Tom Scott (reeds and electronics) another long standing fixture of the SE Londondon improv scene and a collaborator with Charles Hayward, Paul Hood amongst many others. The music is instinctive, free flowing, adventurous and generous.

Littl Shyning Man - Guitar-based instrumental computer music. Currently working on live performance, real-time guitar/electronics improvisations created in max/MSP. Full length cd album due spring 2006 on Sonic360.

Sideband - A vocals/laptop duo featuring Chris Weaver and KJ Grant. Chris's laptop music is pointilistic and abstract, with a dynamic, almost percussive style that betrays his background as a drummer. His perfect foil is KJ Grant, a vocalist of extraordinary breadth and resourcefulness, she feeds her voice through an array of real-time electronics to create a shifting, layered timbral pallette.

Ted Milton - The enigmatic front man of BLURT will be performing solo for us. Whether he blasts his inimitable sax, reads his words, or does both, we will not know until the night.

Littleboat & Paper Cinema - (Chris Reed- guitar) Littleboat is a performance/recording project. A half improvised, half composed music made with live samples, sourced mostly from electric guitar. Littleboat pieces are assembled layers of sound that slowly grow and change, making references and suggestions as they go. Pops, scrapes and thuds become rhythms, while other sounds assemble themselves into harmony and fragments of melody. Visual accompaniment comes in the form of the lovely cut outs and exquisitely detailed drawings of Paper Cinema.

The Devil - An amalgamation of many bands, The Devil bring you James Sedwards (Nought) on guitar and bass, Ben Wallers (Country Teasers) on guitar, synth, bass and vocals, and, on the drums, Sophie Politowicz (Wet dog). Their repertoire will be 'song based'.