The Orchestra Pit The Orchestra Pit

July 2004

23rd July 2004

Ed Baxter - brand new spoken word piece from the fella who, let's face it, virtually invented Resonance FM as well as writing for The Wire, The Guardian and Private Eye. Innovative, intelligent, unpredictable, funny and spiky.

The Lower Clapton and Kew Gardens Colliery Brass Band - Veteran Maverick British composer John White's scaled down brass band project - "Expressively deadpan, frequently droll, occasionally daft, John White's music is impervious to categorisation, and insidiously enjoyable" - Hi Fi News & Record Review.

Mindlobster - New musical works and exploratory stuff from the acceptable face of laptop geekdom. Great tunes, great sounds, and, unusually in this genre, great presentation.

Paul Research - New scaled down work from the Edinburgh punk/funk legend (ex Scars).

Wheezin' Honeydew Van Buren & Hamfisted Willie Jefferson - Out of character lower case pieces (resonator and acoustic guitars) from two legends of the London instrumental scene with absurd pseudonyms - to find out who, you'll have to come to the gig.