The Orchestra Pit The Orchestra Pit

March 2006

21st March 2006

The twenty first Scaledown featured live perfromances from:

Mark & Richard open the evening with a rendition of "The Banks of Sweet Primroses"

Steve Beresford & Roger Turner - Mr Beresford returns as a regular Scaledown favourite bringing his inimitable fusion of improvisation, tone and humour with the help of electronics, toys and varying instrumentation. Roger Turner is one of the most exciting and original percussionists to emerge from the British improv scene of the 60's, he has forged a unique and captivating style which is virtuosic and sometimes inexplicably hilarious. He is a member of the Konk Pack (with Tim Hodgkinson and Thomas Lehn) and the Recedents (with Lol Coxhill and Mike Cooper) and has performed with Derek Bailey, Cecil Taylor, Shelley Hirsh and many others.

Fiona Bevan - Fiona Bevan brings her warm voice, reminiscent of Billie Holiday and Beth Orton, to accompany her acoustic guitar in shimmering sensitive ballads, some taken from her EP 'In the swimming pool'.

Nick Lubran & Rob Mills - Art/music performance where reed meets read in an ambidextrous collision of text and music from Lubran (words and guitar) and Mills (words and reeds). Sources are as diverse as comic books and classic texts, and the works are suitably miniaturised for Scaledown. Mills and Lubran are familiar figures on the improv scene, Lubran is also well known as a visual artist and Mills (of the group Big Buddha) has recently collaborated with Charles Hayward and Can's Damo Suzuki.

Simon King, Ian R Watson & Paul May - Ian Watson's scintillating echoplexed trumpet playing is a model of economy and style. Here he's re-united with in- demand and stunningly original guitarist Simon King and Paul May, (in his second band tonight!) a British improv percussionist whose work has embraced a minimalist aesthetic but is always utterly engrossing.

Tomoko Mauro - We are delighted to announce a very special guest. This is Tomoko Mauro's first appearance outside of Japan. For her UK debut she will be performing a set of original songs for voice and accordion. She is a member of the group Kouseki-Radio and has recorded several solo CDs. Don't miss this!

LoVid - Visiting from New York City, LoVid (Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus) scramble ordinary TV output into hyperkinetic audiovisual abstraction using homemade electronic devices, repurposed analog toys, and low-res video loops. In the duo's real time performances, an intense, variable audio signal disrupts the video's horizontal raster lines into swirling or stroboscopic patterns. Whether projected on a large screen or worn on the body as mini-monitors, the static sizzles and mesmerizes in an orgy of post-consumer creative destruction.

Joe Williamson and the Distractions - Born in Canada, Joe is a renowned bassist in the improv and free jazz scene working alongside such artists as Steve Beresford, Han Bennnink and Evan Parker. Tonight, along with his Distractions (Alex Ward on guitar and Paul May on drums), Williamson shows us another side of his talents - a Pavement-esque slice of sunny(is) and fine popsmithdom.

Mr Sanderson has also provided some video highlights: