The Orchestra Pit The Orchestra Pit

May 2006

26th May 2006

The twenty second Scaledown featured live performances from:

Mark & Richard opening the evening with renditions of "Good Ale" and "Babes in the Wood"

Adrian Northover - A solo saxophone performance from Adrian Northover, last seen as a member of the sax trio The Remote Viewers. His energetic and explorative style has been heard with many of Londons leading improvisors. This is an opportunity to hear him in an intimate and close-up solo performance.

Richard Sanderson - Making his fourth appearance since the beginning of Scaledown (and only his second under his own name) Richard performs, at Mark's request, some beautiful twists on the traditional folk formula, using his laptop and wonderfully croonsome voice.

Tristan Burfield - Bristol based experimental electronic musician, Tristan performs a short retro-electronics set using Gameboy generated sounds exploring the limitations of the Gameboy's 8-bit soundchip, creating rich and powerful sounds from a simple humble consumer device.

Helen McCookerybook - Helen McCookerybook was a member of seminal Brighton indie band The Chefs, before moving to the deliciously jazzy "Helen and the Horns". With a uniquely minimal jazzy electric guitar backing and a sweetly melodic voice, Helen will be giving us a scaled down performance. She's got a retrospective CD out and is currently working on a book about female instrumentalists in the 70's punk scene. A vivacious and charming performer - we're delighted to welcome Helen to Scaledown.

Michael Ormiston - Michael has been uniting the worlds of improvised music, electronic music, world music and soundtracks for many years. Michael is one of the few Europeans able to sing Mongolian KhoomiI (overtone) singing, after studying it in Mongolia on 4 occasions. He has presented programmes for Radio 3 on Siberian and Mongolian music. Magical, astonishing and utterly unique, this is a rare solo improvised performance.

The Paranoid Foundation - Following their last appearance at Scaledown in January 2005, The Paranoid Foundation return with improvisation based songs to promote their brand new cd 'Double Negative' - out on the 29th May.