The Orchestra Pit The Orchestra Pit

July 2006

14th July 2006

The twenty third Scaledown featured live performances from:

Mindlobster - A return to Scaledown for the Viking helmeted laptop maestro and his collage of sound.

Dogs & Stuff - A strange acoustic duo comprising of Jamie Beckett and Tim Naish (Gentlemen of Largesse). Both are armed with guitars and voices and are not ashamed to use them. Merging the sound of acoustic guitar with that of a clean electric guitar plugged into a small electrical sound amplification machine, their quirky tunes tell tales of the world's lesser known bi-beasts, dirty earthy colours, shiny things, and plantlife.

Flaming Czars - Treat your ears to accordion/guitar led Eastern European folk tunes featuring ex Charles Napier guitar wielder, Mr Dan Whaley.

Acoustic Lounge - Julian Simons, of the atmosphericaly brittle Riotlounge, brings us his unique songs rendered using little more than his voice and an acoustic guitar.

Dave Draper - Dave Draper will, in this instance, bring along with him sound samples of carpentry tools and treat them to delayers, loopers, and further sample treatments.

Keith John Adam and Jon Leone - Cousins Keith and Jon have played separately at Scaledown before, the latter appearing in witty and inventive power pop/punk outfit Jail and the former as himself. Expect to be thrilled and amused.