The Orchestra Pit The Orchestra Pit

August 2006

25th August 2006

The twenty fourth Scaledown featured live performances from:

Tim Holehouse - Utilising minor keys and a mournful voice, Tim Holehouse (who also fronts seminal metallers Among The Missing) brings us his tense and moodily reflective songs.

Smack Band - A collaborative improvised performance of "dyspeptic illbience" from Robin Warren of Smack Miranda and Chris Weaver of Sideband.

Nathan Octavia - Plays experimental folk based acoustic and electronic music with a slant. We at Scaledown look forward to his renditions.

Ted Milton - The enigmatic front man and sax wailer of cult primal band Blurt returns to Scaledown to read extracts from his forthcoming publication 'Odes' before its official debut at The Berlin Festival Of International Literature. Come hear the unofficial first offering!

I Am Kamura - Chinese ballads from the thirties, Japanese folk song, and self penned material. Live, expect spontaneity which soars to another level. Backed by Simon King, Matt Armstrong, Paul May, and Robert Storey.