The Orchestra Pit The Orchestra Pit

January 2007

26th January 2007

Scaledown Live Performance Event number 28 is recorded visually thus:

Big Ron Turner - Echo'n'tremolo drenched songs of deceit, heartbreak and horticulture from Big Ron, returning for a 5th Scaledown appearance under yet a different pseudonym (previous appearances have been as Wheezin' Honeydew Van Buren (Jul 04), Evil Jack McDeath (Feb 05), 1/3 of The McDeath Trio (Nov 05) and half of The Flaming Czars (Jul 06)).

Same Actor - Sitar strings stretched through MAX patches to ease the craving for SAD music.

The Reactor Core - A welcome return for the guitar, electronics and voice of Simon Williams, playing a selection of fragile and difficult to pin down songs.

The Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra - After a year touring with the award-winning cabaret The Book Club, Martin White returns to Scaledown with new project The Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra, presenting a mix of original comic songs and settings of Victorian poetry backed by a multitasking chamber group on accordion, ukulele, glockenspiel, strings, woodwind, brass and percussion.

Nigel Burch - Without his Fleapit Orchestra, the troubadour of urban angst - a big man with a little instrument - hear him and his bajulele.

Al Duvall - A banjo meister visiting us all the way from the US of A.

Mike Cooper - A star of the mid 60s acoustic folk/blues boom, Mike later explored free jazz and improvised music - leading to an eclectic series of releases encompassing world music, electronica, exotica, improv and roots. A rare UK appearance from this Rome based legend of British music.