The Orchestra Pit The Orchestra Pit

February 2007

16th February 2007


Lee Westwood - Folk and classical finger picking using the alternative DADGAD string tuning. Expect guitar brilliance and a thousand fingers.

Desconocidas - Welcome return of the electronica duo providing 'invisible soundtracks to unknown films'.

Sculpture - Experimental electronics and tape manipulations from Mr Hayhurst.

Tim Naish - Tim (Gentlemen of Largesse, dogs&stuff) will play an impromptu solo gig with only his acoustic guitar to distract from his mindless wailing. Being his first ever truly solo performance and therefore having no-one else to blame his likely mistakes upon, this performance will probably incorporate acoustic versions of Gentlemen of Largesse and dogs&stuff tunes with added aimless guitar ramblings thrown in to make up time.

Dear Thief - London based three-piece band with a quirky, eccentric sound that fuses raucous energy with unforgettable melodies. We look forward to a special scaled down set.