The Orchestra Pit The Orchestra Pit

March 2007

23rd March 2007


Scott Wings - Powerful performance poetry, a dynamic verbal force, Scott Wings tries to wake you up with words.

Leila Adu - New Zealand songwriter-singer-pianist, Leila Adu, who performed her sultry bluesy piano led songs at The Orchestra Pit in February this year, brings her sublime and hypnotic voice to 'Scaledown' and scales up, oddly enough, with the accompaniment of her band.

Iris Garrelfs - Iris Garrelfs is a composer/performer intrigued by change, fascinated with voices and definitely enamoured by technology. She often uses her voice as raw material, which she transmutes into machine noises, choral works or pulverises "into granules of electroacoustic babble and glitch, generating animated dialogues between innate human expressiveness and the overt artifice of digital processing" as the Wire Magzine put it.

Lyndsey Cockwell - Having played at Scaledown previously with just her bass and a loop pedal Lyndsey is scaling down even further to perform her unique and enticing songs with just an acoustic guitar and her voice.

Southern Tenant Folk Union - Harmony Singing, banjo picking, mandolin chopping, fiddle sawing bluegrass sensations.

Viv Corringham and Peter Cusack - 'Ethno-CyberPunk diva' Viv Corringham's collaboration with the avant guitarist/electronicist Peter Cusack at Scaledown in September 2004 was a constantly surprising mix of Turkish traditional music, radical sampling and evocative sound environments. We at Scaledown welcome back this fascinating duo and look forward to hearing what they have to offer this time round!