The Orchestra Pit The Orchestra Pit

April 2007

27th April 2007

Scaledown 31 featured the following people in the following order:

Mark and Dan - Using nothing but their voices they weave tunes around words.

Coy Carp Burger - Coy carp burger, in this incarnation consists of trumpet, oboe, cello and a Scandinavian synth with the addition of three part harmonies in places. Folky but left field.

Unit - As far as the music is concerned, the band have tried their hand(s) at such forms as post-punk, prog rock, pop, avant garde, jazz and free improv, rendering any attempt at defining the 'type' of band they are quite futile

Alex Monk - A multi-instrument and laptop based musician based in London fond of experimentation and improvisation with digital and analogue sources and field recordings.

Bela Emerson - Combining electric cello with loops and effects, Bela Emerson strives constantly to explore the potential and extend the boundaries of the instrument's place in contemporary music. Passionate and exciting, both musically and visually, she captivates audiences throughout the UK and Europe.

Music For One - London-based Canadian sound artist and musician Music For One (Sherry Ostapovitch) will provide us with 'stark but beautiful guitar motifs emerging as skeletons of songs ... wrestled from a guitar, effects, and bits from the hardware store'.

The Singing Loins - Authentic raw folk from the medway delta.