The Orchestra Pit The Orchestra Pit

June 2007

22nd June 2007

The performers (listed in performance order):

Sanderson Orchard Braby Whaley - Perform a cappella

Sam Clemens featuring Chris Irish - This combo provide melodramatic and abrasive songs. They describe their sound as like "caustic potash & soap noodles".

The Double Clutching Daddies - Truck Drivin' Country. Not alt-, not nu-, jus' good ol' Bakersfield country.

Fate of Animals - A collective of musicians from across Europe that are interested in presenting music that doesn't fit into any particular style or genre, but rather steals bits and pieces from everywhere so as to make the listener never really sure of what is coming next.

blueelephant - From Germany, Manuela Barczewsk's impressions of everyday life in Paris and in Dusseldorf are channelled through electric guitar and treated with experimental electronic sound and beats.

Richard Sanderson - A truly unique and interesting performer.

The Garden City Project - Gentle folk meets bossa-pop with girl/boy vocals and a touch of banjo.